Thursday, October 26, 2006


Komikon 2006 came and went but the memories remain. Elmer and Jofel are my officemates who when to the event and they were both very happy about it. Their experienced were truly be cherished.

The next day I came to the office with copies of my Indies. I sell it to some of my officemates and I was overwhelmed by how they responded with our Indies. They actually have their copies signed and have their photos taken with me. I am over the moon. I really didn't expect their reactions. It was a good feeling, great even.

Then one by one, after reading the Indies they bought from me, they came and told me that my works inspired them to create their own Indies and they told me that they would be joining the next Komikon (which is on 2007) and probably selling their own Indies. They also told me that it's a good thing that I started creating Indies and showed it to them because otherwise they won't be inspired in creating their own Indies. They also informed me to post more announcements on my cork board so that they'll know what events regarding comics, toys and the like to expect.

I am very happy that I was able to inspire my officemates (who are all artists for 2D animation) to create their own Indies. I was able to spark their lost passion for the medium. It's a great feeling to be an inspiration. I told them to do their thing and do whatever that would make them able to express themselves thru comics because in Indies there are no boundaries and rules. You're not restricted so it's total freedom to be you. I also told them to create their Indies today because Komikon is just oine event and there are a couple more events to show their crafts life Toycon, Sci-fi-con and others. I'm so excited to see their works and it makes me happy.

I expect on the next Komikon, new breeds will surely showcase their talents. Oh I'm looking forward to it.

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