Monday, April 10, 2006

Tuesday Morning

Just realized na nakakapagod din pala to chase someone/something na you know you won't ever reach. Been trying your best but no matter what, it all amounts to nothing. In the end you will just end up being hurt and left all by yourself. No matter how much you tried and do your best it won't matter. For it will not be yours.

I've been a fool trying to dream that someday it will all pay off. That I won't ever give up. Yet it seems that it will all stay to be just a dream as a new day unravels before my eyes. Should I wake up now or forever live in a delusion.

It's hard to let go. Everyone says I must. My mind says I should. My heart whispers otherwise. Whichever I will follow, I know I'll end up being hurt and I'm tired. Tired of facing it. Tired of chasing. Tired of endless disappointments. But still can't let go.

I tried not to care. I tried not to bother. Yet it only hurts me even more.

Most people thinks that I'm a fool to allow these things to happen. Afterall, it's still my decision. Yet I can't decided. Confuse. Afraid. Hurt.

How much longer should I wait? How much longer I can go on like this? How much pain should I have to endure? How much?

Tuesday morning I ask again myself, but still there's no relpy from me.

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