Sunday, November 04, 2007

Need More Cartridge?

I am an independent (indie) comic artist and in order published my indies I have to print a lot of copies. Most of the time I ran out of ink and ink can be very expensive (depending of course of the brand and model of your printer) especially for a small time publisher like me. It is very hard to look for a cheap ink and cartridge as a replacement for the used one. It is very heavy on my budget to buy right from the shops and stalls in the mall. Luckily for us Pinoys, people like us who have accounts in paypal can no receive and send money through them so we can shop over the internet more conveniently now. This great news makes me more confident to shop and look for items online and I found Cartridge Finder as a very good alternative in looking for cheaper and reliable cartridge online.

Cartridge Finder is the site to beat when it comes to cartridges and printers. Imagine you can easily find in about 10,000 different models of printer, copier, and fax machines as well as link you through to potential suppliers. Super-convenient, isn’t it?

Whenever I ran out of stuff that I need for my indie comics, I’ll check
Cartridge Finder first because I know I can rely on them. Why don’t you try and check Cartridge Finder too.

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