Friday, September 01, 2006

Series of Unfortunate Events

Last Wednesday (08/30/06), I've been encountering a lot of problems and it seems that it won't ever end. I've been delayed in paying the school, I've had problems with the output sheet at the office, end of the month is just a day away (meaning I have to pay the bills), I found out that my ex-gf already have a new bf (I'm happy w/ her though I got a little bit pang of jealousy, even if I'm in a relationship too), and some issue w/ my family. I was really stressed. That day seemed not to end at all.

After office and school I went to Baclaran (about past 12 mn) for my weekly novena (which by the way my panata to ask Mama Mary to help me ask God about some favors). After the novena I ate and went to 7/11 for slurpee. Then, it's time for me to go home since it was 2 am already. There were 2 buses in queue, though in my heart I wanted to ride the 2nd bus but my mind told me that it's already 2 am and I need to go home fast. So I choose the 1st bus on the line. Then it started it's engine. Off we go.

The journey went well except when the bus stop in Ortigas (Crossing) to fetch passengers. It's been 10 minutes already and yet the bus still stayed there (even if the buses behind have been pressing their horns to tell the bus to go already). Finally the bus started to go but there were about 6 guys entered the bus hurriedly and the seated differently and been staring at each other from time to time. I tried to look back at the passengers behind me because there were too much noise. Then I saw one of the guy been clasping something and trying to hide it. I began to worry so I seated more closer to the window. But seeing the guy and knowing that he might do something to the other passenger (who by the way is not part of the guys who just entered hurriedly at the crossing) seated at the back, I look back again to know if he's ok. This time I saw one of the guy (not the guy I saw holding something) already stood up and holding a knife and he saw me staring at him so he went to me instead of the other passenger. He tried to grab my back but I've been holding it tightly he were not able to get it away from me. He then pushes me into the aisle and the other guy (I saw earlier holding something in his palm) hold me by the shoulder and 3 other guys stood up from the front side of the bus. They hold my legs and twist my wrist (I've been covering my pockets to prevent them from getting my stuffs). The other guy tried to get my shoe and their hands are alover me in no time. They were able to reach inside my pants from foot to knee. Then they fled (near MegaMall Bldg. A) leaving me standing at the middle of the bus, startled and disoriented. People staring at me as if I'm a lunatic w/o offering any help nor assistance.

So I took a seat and found out I've already lost my phone, my wrist sores and my foot hurts. The first thing that crosses my mind is that I thank God for keeping me safe because some other victims are not lucky enough to be alive after that kind of situation.

I've been thinking, for the rest of the journey, that why the other passengers didn't offer any assistance upon seeing the obvious. I've been complaining the whole incident that I'm hurting yet they just don't respond. Is that a common occurrence that they are already used to it? Or they just fear that they might be hurt if they lend a hand? After my stop, I take a last glance at the people at the bus, they just go on as if nothing happens.

Luckily, I still have another phone which I recently brought back to life after buying a spare battery but I lost all my contacts (and it's b/w and doesn't have a camera nor memory card but I'm still lucky, aren't I?) I still have my bag and my wallet (which is empty by the way, hammy do they have a way of knowing if it's empty or not?) and my sanity still there.

I send an SMS to my mom and told her what happen. She just said, "Thanks that your OK." I'm quite well now though I'm still having a flashback on what had happened that day. I still believe that it happens for a purpose and God would provide me what I've lost and so much more. I'm happy that I'm still here and be able to share this unhappy yet very informative event. So just always be ready and don't try to struggle. Just give them what they want if it meant drying if you won't.


I've had a couple of problems with that area before. One would be the rugby boys and girls who makes the area under the overpass a haven of their addiction. Almost every afternoon I've seen lots of kids having a rugby (not the game) session. I've already told the authorities about it yet nothing happens. God, why do they have to be so blind about it. They know it yet they pretend they don't. For Christ's sake, it's their damn duty and obligation. They when I reported the incident to my boss, I found out that there were a lot of us in the office who have been victims of the same kind of robbery. They also report it and yet victims seems to add up in numbers in days. And yet the authorities remain silent w/o doing a damn thing. Sad? Yes? Funny? Definitely not.

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