Friday, September 01, 2006

I Need Help...

I would be selling some of my comic collections w/ a discounted price... I'm a bit short of cash right now and in dire need of it (to pay for present obligation)... Below are the titles (I would be selling them in bundles because I'm a bit attached with these comics so it's a pity to sell them individually, at least for me) and their corresponding prices:

- Ultimate 6 #1 to #7 (starring The Ultimates and Ultimate Spider-Man) for Php 891.00

- High Roads #1 to #4 and #6 ( I can no longer find the #5 and #6 was signed by Yu, Alanguilan and Tadeo last dec 2003 during the san pablo comic fest) for Php 800.00

- Supreme Powers #1 to #12 by Straczynski, Fran and Sibal for Php 1,944.00

- Uncanny X-Men #429 to #434 (The Draco 1 to 6) by Austen and Tan for Php 729.00

- New X-Men #146 to #150 (Planet X) by Morrison, Jimenes and Lanning for Php 675.00

- Wolverine Netsuke #1 to #4 by George Pratt for Php 864.00

- Mekanix #1 to #6 starring Shadow Cat by Claremont Borillo, and Sosa (signed by Tadeo for colors) for Php 972.00

- Emma Frost #1 to #6 (Higher Learning) by Bollers, Green, and Ketchum for Php 810.00

- Emma Frost #7 to # 12 (Mind Games) by Bollers, Pagulayan, and Crisistomo for Php 945.00

- Emma Frost #13 to #17 (Bloom, the last part of the story is not availble - #18) by Bollers, Melo, Parsons, Pagulayan, Crisostomo and Conrad for Php 810.00

- Superman Red Son #1 to #3 (Else world) by Millar, Johnson, Robinson, Wong, Mounts, and Plunkett
I would also be selling some TPB's...

- Xtreme X-Men Invasion TPB by Claremont and Larroca for Php 1,080.00 (some probs w/ the binding)

- Xtreme X-Men Destiny TPB by Claremont and Larroca for Php 1,078...

Just send me a note or contact me thru 0915-744-2769 if you are interrested or know a person who would be interrested...


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