Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Of First Impression and Becoming Familiar

Whenever I meet new people whether in a party, in the office, in school, and some other events they do find me snob, airhead, or some rich kid who doesn't care about the world but myself. Well, if you ask most of the people, who supposedly know me, they would tell you exactly the same thing. Hahaha. Yes, that's their first impresion on me too. Am I that kind? Really?


As time passes by, I become accustomed to that kind of silly, hard, and very inhuman treatment. Hmp. So what I do is I remain as I am. >:). My friends like me for who I am (finger crossed). They don't even stab me at the back (I hope). If you'll as them, my friends that is, when they became familiar with me na and try to know me even more (trying to unmask me, stripping me bare naked), they would tell me that I'm so much more. Their first impression remains as first impression because I'm totally different. Hmmm. It might actually helps protecting myself from "strangers" who didn't know any better but judge you on the spot with out any concrete basis.

But my experienced on first impression at Pasonic with Japanese bosses was different. They like me on the spot from the very first day I step inside the office. They think I'm smart, confident, and oozing with lots of drive and persistence to do things. Woah! That was a pressure on my part but that also inspired me to strive even more. Luckily, I didn't disappoint them, I was able to go beyond their expectations and achieve good results. Therefore, I got good pay hahaha.

The other 10%.

My view on first impression, on the other hand, is so much like all other people out there. But - yes, there's a but - I don't stick with it. I try to exert more effort and let time slip by to know more about the person but my first impression seems to be 90% correct most of the time. The 10% being not liking how the person look like. Hehehe. >:). Bad?! Not really because if I see you looking like that I'll exert some effort, in a kind way, to tell you that you don't look good (this is true, go ask my friends). First, I would tell them how I buy my clothes and make sure that I look ok and stuff like that. Not that I'm perfect but at least I see to it that I look pleasing. Then, alas, they will be inspired. They'll do more. They will exert more effort than just taking a bath.

I hate people who are so narrow minded. Completely relying what they think on gossips. Not exerting any effort of knowing what lies beneath. Completely overshadowed by bitterness and being envious all the time. I also hate people who spread gossips, I know this is again off the topic but I just can't help hating them. Also those so called writers/journalist who are so obsessed with being the first to know and being the on spotlight behind the scene stuff with out realizing what they've done until it's too late and there's absolutely nothing you can do to piece up the fragments of the broken dignity of the person being victimized. Grrrr. I just hate that person (no wonder she remains poor after all the gossips she spread). What I'm trying to say is, we should know how to draw the line. We should also respect the person. All of us has it's own skeletons hiding in our closets and we don't want these demons bothering us so let's just left them be. Respect my brothers and sisters and do remember the golden rule.

First impression plays an important role in everyone of us but to know more the person we must first become familiar with them for our impression to become more concrete.

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