Tuesday, January 03, 2006

My Designs thru Out the Holidays

Since I went home (Kidapawan) last December 19, 2005, I've got more time spare for myself and most of my time spent in cooking, playing badminton, surfing the net, and of course using Photoshop software wherein I can express my creativity through designing stuffs like greeting cards to background pictures for blogs and friendster.

The above pictures are sample of what I've done so far. You can see how I turned my former officemate Ivy into a movie star, my brother Michael into a star circle quest finalist, the Mandap sisters into greeting cards for christmas, my sister Michelle into an 8-time platinum artist, and myself into just myself hehehe.

There are a lot of things you can actually do and achieve using photoshop. You can eliminate scars and pimples from your oily face. Change your eye color, and a lot more. You just have to know the basic of photoshop and explore it. And of course it depends from each person's creativity as well because you would always rely on your imagination and how you see a certain picture and how to create it into something new and very different from the original pictures. I enjoyed every minute I spent using the software and I am sure if you will just take time exploring it, you will too.

Well, in 2 days time I'll be back in Manila and have to suffer of not having my own PC and DSL connection. Sigh. How sad.

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