Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Two days ago I had a two day seminar with LDS-ERC in Makati re how to prepare yourself for an interview. It was fun and very refreshing. Then yesterday a certain company called and they asked me to be interviewed for a certain job. They told me to come to their office about 10 am and I told them that I am not available in the morning but I am in the afternoon. They scheduled me then in the afternoon.

When I arrived at the vicinity, they asked me to fill out some forms and then the interview began. I was thinking, for fun sake, that I would apply what I learned during the two day seminar. Then the interview started and I applied what I learned and it turn out to be ok - no, great. I had a great time during the interview and I'm sure that the interviewer had as well.

Well I'm not really sure if I really pulled it out and even if I did, I'm not really sure if I want the job. Sigh. Come what may.

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