Wednesday, March 09, 2005

A Friend Bid Goodbye

I just received txt messages from one of my not anymore but used to be a friend. Here are some of the messages:

Gud bye salamat sa lahat.
Thanks s magagandang
pakikisama mo. Ingat k n
lng. 22ong last txt ko n i2. U
wil find a bettr friend. God

Bhala ka! U take ur friend 4
grantd. u r on ur own! Gago

Ur a total people pleaser.
Fuck u!

I'm not even sure as to why this so called used to be "friend" of mine hated me so much. I'm not even aware what I've done wrong for this "friend" to hate me as much as he hated me now. I even ask this person the night before the txt messages came pouring down my mobile phone if there's something wrong. The person just replied, "No there's nothing wrong. I'm perfectly alright. I'm just tired from the day job." Upon hearing these words I'm confident that there should be nothing wrong, right? I am quite insensitive at times, that I admit, and people who know me accepted me for that. But I won't let myself get to the point hurt a person and would hate me for that. Well, what can I say, each one of us is diffrent but that should not hinder us to know and accept each other for who we are. Sigh. Am I really that bad? Am I?

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