Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Gatecrasher sa Bday-Mini-Concert

A friend, Jon, of mine invited me to a birthday party of his friend, who was his former bandmate (yes, nag boy-band sila dati kasama pa nga nya sa group 'yong husband ni Ian). Three of us went to the venue, sa may Timog, and it was a karaoke bar. I am introduced to the celebrant and other people who were there. It was sort of a reunion ng banda because it's been quite a while since they saw each other the last time.

Then some guest were ask to sing and they did. They asked me to sing because they know that I was once a choir member. I did not sing because they are so good. Nahiya ako hahaha. There was this certain lady na sobrang pasaway at nakakatuwa. Tawa kami ng tawa sa kanya. When I was informed that she is a doctor mas lalo ako natuwa sa kanya. Wala talaga hiya sa pinagikagagawa nya. She's so cool and very confident. Lalo na ung kinanta nya ung songs nila Mahal at Mura. You just can't stop sa pagtawa. When the band started singing nako sila na lang pinakanta kase we were awed by their voices. Magblending ba naman at iba't ibang style pa. Parang mini-concert nang nangyari. They are so good at it. Ang galing ng friend ko kumata pakshet! Hahaha.

After the celebration, the three of us went to McDonald's para mag sundae. Then I told Jon na he should teach me how to sing well and he told me, "Why not kung me pambayad ka." He's kidding of course. He told me when he's not busy with his gigs. Grrr. That's next to impossible. I guess I should learn how to sing well by myself then.

I really enjoyed the celebration very much. Sabi pa nga nila, sa uulitin hehehe. Sana when that time arrives magaling na din ako kumanta. Hehehe.

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