Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Fools Rush In

Wise men say, only fools rush in
But I can't help falling in love with you..

Wise men say, only fools rush in
But I can't help falling in love with you..

Shall I stay
Would it be a sin
Cause' I can't help falling in love with you...

As the river flows, Gently to the sea
Darlin so we go, somethings were meant to be..
Take my hand, take my whole life too
Cause' I can't help fallin in love with you...

As the river flows, Gently to the sea
Darlin so we know, somethings were meant to be
Take my hand, take my whole life too
Cause' I can't help fallin in love with you...

I can't help...falling in love with you
I can't help...falling in love with you
I can't help...falling in love with you...

Thursday, February 23, 2006

MRT Sardines...

Paikot-ikot from entrance papsok ng Cubao station then sa entrance ng farmers and then back sa station

Almost everyday these are the scenarios that you're going to face when trying to ride the MRT at Cubao Station going south. So many people in the queue.

Haay araw-araw na lang

Imagine the long queue and sometimes you have to fall in line again when buying ticket because most of the time the Stored Value tickets are no available. I kept remembering the Enervon commercial which says that more energy mas happy. Sigh, even if I have to take the whole bottle, I'll still lack the energy to stay happy because during entering you have to wait in line, then inside the station you have to insert yourself if you want to ride the earliest train. When inside the train all of you have to compress like sardines as if everyone wants to make beso-beso with complete straingers.
Ayan malapit nko makapasok

But then again, if you want to be early (though you would perspire and smell awfull), you have to adjust and make singit all you can and use all your energy early in the morning even if it means not so being happy. And then you have to go to the gym so you could be stronger in making tulak and sik-sik when riding the train at MRT Cubao Station.

P.S. I'm not complaining though, just wannt to share this unfortunate everyday experience.

Friday, February 17, 2006

New Blog Template; Goodbye Old One

I have to say goodbye to my old template to give way to a new and refreshing one. I must say that I enjoyed creating the old one and it's for the Chrismas and New Year's Seasons. Well, everything must go one and so as templates.

Welcome to my new template and I do hope that you my friends will like it too as you've appreciated the previous template. I hope that it's also good for your eyes.

That's for now!!!

Friday, February 03, 2006

Native Chicken BBQ

I happen to come across picture of one of the store who sells native chicken bbq, Kidapawan City style, upon browsing my photo gallery. That's what I forgot to eat when I went home last Christmas Season. It's a local favorite and we just can't have enough of them. I loved it. Contrary to the notion that if it's native chicken it must be hard to eat. No, not at all. It's so delicious. Every bite brings smile to our faces upon devouring it's tending, tasty meat. Plus the sauce specially made for bbq of these kind compliments the taste adding extra rich taste which the local people love, specially the children. Sigh, how could I forget such a wonderful meal. Waahhhh...

So if you visit Kidapawan, be sure to taste our local native chicken bbq. You'll definitely love it too.

Brokeback Mountain

A friend of mine told me about the movie Brokeback Mountain and told me to read the reviews because all of them are praising the movie.

I first read the synopsis and then the reviews. The movie is directed by Ang Lee (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon; Hulk) and stared by Heath and Jake.

The movie is about two cowboys who are assigned to guard sheeps. Then in the process they became friends and eventually lovers. Then they were separated after the job was done. They then live a separate lives away from each other and having families of their own. Then one day Jake sent Heath a postcard informing him of his whereabouts and the romance starts again.

Their relationship grew stronger as time passed by but affecting the lives of their wife and children. Specially Heath's wife who saw them kissing by the stairs. But Heath's love for Jake is much stronger that Michelle's (who portrays Heath's wife), ending their marriage in divorce and so on and so forth.

The movie shows the different kind of relationship between two men and how they were able to make it last 'til death parts them.

The leading casts were good. But surprisingly, Michelle Williams (Dawson's Creek) whom we always see in a typical teenage movies did a pretty good job. According to one Chinese movie reviewer, Ang Lee was able to enterpret the American plot with Eastern style which make the movie great.

The movie is doing pretty good in awards (Best Picture at Golden Globes) and was nominated for 8 Oscars including Best Picture, Director and Actor. This is the first gay-themed movie having been nominated for major awards in Oscars.

I have to see it personally though, to see it for my own how good the movie is.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

I Finally Saw Princess Mononoke

Image hosting by Photobucket

After a very long time of waiting and searching for Princess Mononoke film, I was able to watch it. The film is about a prince being infected by a demon and had to leave his village and go to far east to beg for the forest spirit to restore him. If not he himself will become a demon, lose his humanity and eventually die. Along the course of his search he met different characters. Including the lady who mines copper and turn it into bullets and killing beasts and destroying forests in the process. He also met Princess Mononoke, a girl raised by wolf god, who were fighting the copper lady and defending the forest and beasts. Their lives intertwined and so there goes the plot. I don't want to be a spoiler for those who weren't able to see it. The film is superb. The artwork, story line, and the plot. The best.

Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket

I also watched Spirited Away and Howl's Moving Castle before I saw Princess Mononoke. Both films are great too. Spirited Away is a film about a young girl trying to save her parents who were turned into pigs because of eating too much in the land of the spirits. Now she has to serve the witch so that her parents will be restored soon, if not they will remain to be pigs forever.

Howl's Moving Castle, on the other hand, is about a young girl (who makes hat) turned into a very old lady by simply sending the Witch of the wasteland out in her hot shop (actually, because she was also aided in one incident by Howl that's why the witch follow her in the hat shop). Now she must travel far to where the gods reside to ask the witch to restore her or find someone to help her. There, he saw the moving castle and decided to be Howl's helper. Then she discovers things, including Howl's strange powers and behavior. And so the story goes by finding the cure to restore herself and help Howl about his dilemma - finding his true self.

Now what are you waiting for, go and buy your own copies of these fantastic films. Enjoy!

Pacman... Wins Second Fight!!!

Yeah Pacman won or El Terible. I enjoyed the fight. My friend was even teasing me because I seemed to be so nervous about the fight were in fact we already know the result - Pacman knocked Morales out on the 10th round - because our friend texted us from US about the outcome of the fight. I just can't help it. I got all too excited and got so nervous. Hehehe. :D


I love the movie. I watched it early January and I'm not sure what to expect because I've heared a lot of comments from friends. I first saw the books way back 2002 when one of my classmates in college was reading it. I didn't pay much attention nor look at it closely because we were busy reviewing for our licensure exam come November of the same year.

Late 2005, I heared that they're making Book 2 a movie from another friend and I told my friend that I heared about the book but wasn't able to read it. My friend told me that it was a very good book and he can't wait to see it on the big screen.

Inside the cinema I hide my excitement because most of the people watching were older than I am, many police and military personels were there too. I was actually expecting to see children but I was wrong.

The film was great. The sequences, plot and cinematography are the best. I love the characters there too. Jadis, the White witch, is perfect. Being cruel and emotionless (even to the point wherein she was trapped by Aslan) and all that. I enjoyed it and I would surely recommend it. :D
by Cueshé

Lagi nalang umu-ulan
Parang walang katapusan
Tulad ng paghihirapko ngayon
Parang walang humpay
Sa kabila ng lahat ng aking pagsisikap
Na limutin ka ay di parin magawa

Hindi naman ako tanga
Alam ko na wala kana
Pero mahirap lang na tanggapin
Di na kita kapiling
Iniwan mo ako nag-iisa
Sa gitna ng dilim at basing-basa pa sa ulan

Pero huwag mag-alala dina kita gagambalain
Alam ko naman ngayon may kapiling ka nang-iba

Tanging hiling ko sa’yo
Na tuwing umu-ulan
Maalala mo sanang may
Nagmamahal sa’yo.

Lupit mo...