Friday, February 03, 2006

Native Chicken BBQ

I happen to come across picture of one of the store who sells native chicken bbq, Kidapawan City style, upon browsing my photo gallery. That's what I forgot to eat when I went home last Christmas Season. It's a local favorite and we just can't have enough of them. I loved it. Contrary to the notion that if it's native chicken it must be hard to eat. No, not at all. It's so delicious. Every bite brings smile to our faces upon devouring it's tending, tasty meat. Plus the sauce specially made for bbq of these kind compliments the taste adding extra rich taste which the local people love, specially the children. Sigh, how could I forget such a wonderful meal. Waahhhh...

So if you visit Kidapawan, be sure to taste our local native chicken bbq. You'll definitely love it too.

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