Thursday, February 23, 2006

MRT Sardines...

Paikot-ikot from entrance papsok ng Cubao station then sa entrance ng farmers and then back sa station

Almost everyday these are the scenarios that you're going to face when trying to ride the MRT at Cubao Station going south. So many people in the queue.

Haay araw-araw na lang

Imagine the long queue and sometimes you have to fall in line again when buying ticket because most of the time the Stored Value tickets are no available. I kept remembering the Enervon commercial which says that more energy mas happy. Sigh, even if I have to take the whole bottle, I'll still lack the energy to stay happy because during entering you have to wait in line, then inside the station you have to insert yourself if you want to ride the earliest train. When inside the train all of you have to compress like sardines as if everyone wants to make beso-beso with complete straingers.
Ayan malapit nko makapasok

But then again, if you want to be early (though you would perspire and smell awfull), you have to adjust and make singit all you can and use all your energy early in the morning even if it means not so being happy. And then you have to go to the gym so you could be stronger in making tulak and sik-sik when riding the train at MRT Cubao Station.

P.S. I'm not complaining though, just wannt to share this unfortunate everyday experience.

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