Monday, April 04, 2011

Little Tokyo

Engie (demure) and Pen (pacute)

It's my first time this year to spend some quality time with Engie, Pen and Marge. I admit that I miss them so much but life gets in a way so it took me this time to finally see them. However brief the encounter was, I must say that I enjoyed every minute of it (cheesy).

We had dinner at Little Tokyo and we ordered a lot (busog). I was not able to take pictures because we devoured them as soon as the food hits our table. "Yummy," Marge would often say, she can't seem to have enough of their (huge) takoyaki.

Engie texting someone on the phone (Miguel?)

Marge (as if she didn't know I was taking her photo)

Pen (nth glass of rice tea? unquenchable thirst)

Pen and Engie (one of the sweetest couples I know of)
sweet nila sa akin :))

'Til next time.