Friday, April 08, 2011

Kai, Coffee Bean and What a Joy

 Joy loves the watermelon sake

I was introduced to Joy early tonight. She's funny and she likes to listen (and talk). She's very nice (because she let us do the talking most of the time). She's Marge's classmate in College. Looking forward to some more food trips with Joy and Marge.

Marge doing what she does best: being herself lol

Nahirapan ka ba Marge kung saan ka le-level? Kay Joy na elite or sa akin na masa :P

Joy laughs at Marge's no longer secret experience

 Sarap tingnan, sarap tikman in a very wholesome way
kahit anong angle masarap tingnan

kahit closer look pa, but I only took a tiny piece kase sugar-overload na ako

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