Wednesday, September 12, 2007


No longer with my girlfriend
She broke my heart and it’s hard to glue it back
Bite back and hurt her all the more
Now she’s shattered, reduced to dust
“Can you give me another chance?”
She picks one piece of my broken heart
It won’t fit, not by her hands
No matter what

Days went by I look at the sky
Want her back but my heart is torn
Hard as stone and heavy as the earth
Hard to move on, keep thinking back
“How is she? What have become of me?”
Now I am free yet life like’s a burden
Pieces of me scattered elsewhere
Started to pick it up

Nights are sad yet stars shine even brighter
Dancing in the sky glowing like her eyes
A stranger in the mirror masked with madness
In pain my tears start to flow
“What if…”
Now she moved on spreading her wings
To the horizon into the cloudless sky
She’s beautiful

Now I look at my palms
Carrying the pieces of my broken heart
I close my eyes and breathe
Thinking what might have been
What might have become
“I’m sorry too, I forgive you.”
My heart starts to piece its parts together
Slowly a smile starts to form
Now I am finally free, free to love and be loved

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