Friday, June 29, 2007

2D Animation

More than a year has gone by and I already have 3 animation shows in my bag (that I am part of). The latest of which is the animated version of Fantastic 4 (at DQ animation studio) which you can watch on cartoon network during Saturdays. This is perhaps the most challenging show by far. More movement, almost-real-type, and one of my favorite comic book heroes. It's really a big thing for me to be a part of this show. I am so proud obeing part of it.

I also had the opportunity working with The Land Before Time animation at Toon City animation studio. This is a bit simpler (much simpler as compared to Fantastic 4). I also love this show because the movie version was a very big hit when I was little. It's really fun to work as a clean-up/in-between artist especially if the show is something that you love since you were much younger.

And how could I ever forget the I Got a Rocket show. This is our baby. We're the first who draw the pilot and succeeding few seasons. This show is the product of our rigorous training. Much simpler (compared to the 2 shows mentioned above) but this is where I learnd everything so I owe my career in animation to this show.

Right now, I take a hiatus on doing animation to concentrate more on comics and illustrations. I am also busy being a web developer for a government project. If time permits (soon), I'll probably get some folders (to draw) and do it at home. I can't leave animation just like that, afterall it helps me a lot in improving my skill as an artist.

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