Thursday, May 17, 2007


I thought that life had had enough of playing with me but then again I've been proved wrong. All the while I thought that I it would be the time finally settle and be contended on what life is offering me of the moment. I got myself a good job, a good relationship, and comics on the side. It's almost perfect - from the moment I wake up 'til I sleep late at night. I can't complain and I thank God for that.

Never did I think that fate has something else in store for me. I've been receiving a lot of calls lately from different companies offering me jobs. I didn't think twice of refusing them. Then one fateful day something happened that caught me off-guard. I decision that I have no power to do on my own. I'm barely hanging in a balance and no matter hard I'll try I know that I won't make it yet deep down inside me something is yelling to me to hold on no matter what because there's still a chance. I called out to heavens for guidance and to help me accept no matter what the outcome may be.

Like a swift wind suddenlly passed me by unknowingly, I fell. I didn't make it. I lose. Suddenly it felt like pitch black surrounding me. Then I saw the light. Even though I fail, I heard God's whispered to me. Telling me that it's Ok. That I would be fine and He was just preparing something big for me. If I will hold on to my faith in Him or just succumb to the pain that fate have cost me. I might have lost everything at this moment but I do not fear for I know I am not alone - at least not physically.

I've learned my lessons well and I sure am going to use it in the future knowing that I have become stronger. Better. Thank you Lord for everything,

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