Saturday, March 31, 2007

I know

If you've been wondering what's happening to me for the past 3 months, I just got busy. After the holidays I went back to Manila (from Kidapawan) and I joined the 1st Aid Training and Basic Life Support from Red Cross Quezon City chapter. The training took about 7 days. The whole training period was whole lot of fun. I enjoyed every minute of it. Especially the last day wherein there was a simulation of what might actually happen if grave situation arises. It was so exhausting and a bit confusing. It was really hard that's why I've got a much higher respect to all the volunteers who are always putting their lives on the line saving other people's butt. It was not an easy task and it requires a lot of effort from you. I graduated the training and gained myself, not only licenses for the 1st Aid Training and Basic Life Support, a whole new perspective of the importance of life.

Sunwoo Animation Philippines is currently on hiatus because there is no current production of new show since "I Got A Rocket" wrapped up last December. They might start a new show on May, however, it is not still confirmed because Sunwoo didn't even announce the title if the so called new show. There were also rumors that only lay-out and animation will be done here in the Philippines and the clean-up (CU) and in-between (IB) will be on Korea. If that will be the case all of us home grown talents will be out of job. Good thing though is that our contract ended last February 6, 2007 so we are free to look for new studios. I heared some artist went to Toon City, Top Draw, Toon Hub, DQ and others I forgot. In my case I just finished "The Land Before Time" at Toon City and currently working on "Fantastic 4" which I will be discussing next.

"Fantastic 4" show is one of the best show I've ever done since.The style is realistic and it helps me a lot as an artist. It was hard but I have so much fun drawing all the characters and the scenes they are in. The hardest to draw among the 4 main character is "Thing" because his skin is rock so his a bit confusing to draw especially in doing IB. I also love drawing "Iron Man" and "Susan." I think my drawing skills now is a bit honed, still very far from perfect but I will get there someday, and there are a lot of perspective and foreshorteing to consider. I am taking my time in every drawing I create so that I can learn as much as I can. This project makes me excite to work everyday. I am no longer after of how much I will be earning, which is very good by the way, but how much I will be learning. I am just so much happy with this show.

Apart from animation, I am also busy applying for a job in IT and engineering because the pay I'm getting from the previous shows isn't enough. Even if I love animation, I still have to eat, pay the rent, help my family so I need to look for a greener pasture. I decided to go back to IT and engineering, I have a lot of offers and I choose to work with BPI (I will be starting on April 3, 2007). It was not the company who offered the biggest amount but looking at the benefits and the career path it was the one who has the brightest light at the end of the tunnel. So I grab the chance to be a part of the company and I will be starting soon. No, I won't leave animation and comics. I can still get folders to draw from the "Fantastic 4" show during Friday night to Sunday night and I can always spare 3 to 4 hours of creating comics and web designs every day.

Speaking of comics, it's been a while since I wasn't been able to buy new copies of the titles that I collect. I am not so active with the world of comics (so sorry to all the Komikeros if I ever make you feel being neglected because of the stuff I already told you thru e-mail) but Paper Clip Komics is definitely still active. I already finished my story and so does Canave (Ruel and Mye, your promise ha). I am currently experiencing a problem with the printing because my contact person told me that the machine isn't working still and I can't find other printers that would give the same quality at a trift price. I hope the machine will get fix or I could find a replacement. I will be announcing the release of the next issue soon.

I am also currently waiting when my drawing/animation table will be created so that I can go back drawing "Bulong" because I find it hard to draw sitiing on the floor, flexing my knees so that I can use my legs as a support for my drawing board. Yes, that's how I draw since I went back to Manila after working in Baguio last 2005. I put the project on hold for too long already and I bit embarrass with the author. I am glad he understand thinking that the novel isn't finish yet. I am also trying to work with Pao (for a special project), she was interrested for me to translate her short story in the form of comics. She was not sending me her manuscript yet because she was not able to go back to Las Pinas because she was very preoccupied with her upcoming marriage to Aljude. I still have to wait for the script.

I am also having weight issues. I've been gaining weight since I started working in animation last year. Maybe because of the lifestyle. I've been sitting and drawing all through the day til wee hours seven days a week. I still have the same food intake but my physical activities has been entirely gone so my metabolism slows and I got fat everyday. One of the requirements in working with BPI is for you to be physically fit (class A). I took the medical exam and all results are satisfactory except for my BP which is elevated. I have it rechecked and it out that I have a normal BP. During the first check up I didn't rest after walking to Shang Rila Mall from Megamall and walking up the stairs up to the 5th level where the clinic is located. Even if my BP is normal, it was on line verge of the thin line that separates the normal and high BP so I started jogging and eating less rice. I lose 8 lbs on the first 3 weeks and gained 1 lb and it stays there. However, "Fantastic 4" requires a lot of time nowadays so I wasn't able to jog for 2 weeks now. I promise I will find time for my physical routine to lose more weight and become healthy once again (as I used to be).

That's for now, just in case you're wondering my absence in the world of blogging.


Please do pray for my friend Andro who will be undergoing under the knife tomorrow at the Imus Medical Hospital. Also pray for his mom's battle against TB.

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