Thursday, June 22, 2006

Child Labor

I was going home after watching a movie and it was already 1 am in the morning. Since MRT is no longer having service during that hour, I decided to ride the bus. I was so tired and sleepy because after work I headed straight to the cinema and had to work the next day.

The front side of the bus was already been accupied so I decided to take the sit at the rear. Upon sitting I noticed a girl w/ steamed peanuts (obviously selling them) on the bench opposite mine and she's already past asleep and her peanuts hadn't been sold out yet. Oh my, it's already 1 am in the moring and why she's still here working late when she should have been at home sleeping and preparing for the class the next day.

I felt pity for the child and same time felt ashamed of myself. I pitied her because she has to work hard instead of going to class. It's no her fault to be poor but it's definitely her right to have a descent education. Her parents should be sending them to scholl but won't. Maybe because all members have to work for them to feed their stomachs.

Obviously, like me most of us just close our eyes and pretend we don't see them. Pretend they don't exist. I'm not rich and I'm earning poor pay but I'm lucky enough to have a job and be able to eat. I felt ashamed because I do complain, that why do I have to work so hard for 7 days a week and yet can't earn as much as anyone else, when there a lot of people out there who haven't have the chance to enjoys life simple indulgences.

What can they do when the time they open their eyes they are already like that. That their parents was doing and living the way their forefathers have been doing in the past. Now, do we have to keep on closing our eyes and keep on pretending that issues like this do not happen? That we go on living our lives ignoring these issues?

Don't we know that we all can't move on if a lot of children hasn't been able to be given a chance to education. We were told and been reminded that children are our nation's hope. In this case, what kind of hope do we expect?

Of course we can't help others if we don't help ourselves first but there are alot of us out there who have more that they can ever want. Why not share. A little is better than nothing at all. If our government will not act, do we keep on blaiming them that they've done nothing when you yourself won't help when issues like this happens right before you eyes? Shame on you. To keep your dignity intact, stop complaining and help. Even if it's little and you think it's not enough, it is and it helps.

I just hope that we do extend our hands. If you have spare centavos, donate it instead of throwing them away. Sabi nga nila, kahit konti pero pagdumami lalaki din.

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