Saturday, February 19, 2005

It's far... too far

The endless revolution of the windmill stops
Voices bouncing back and forth but never returns
Echoes reflecting into the mirror
The Sun used to greet the morning brightly
Yet I can't reach you

Then I dreamt of flight and fall
Travelling the valleys of the sky
Coints been collected in the well that brings hope
And moon shines the starless night
Yet I can't reach you

I open my briefcase full of written sighs
The ashes will be blown by the wind
Melodies of the strings sung by the birds
The day is day and the night is dark
Yet I can't reach you

*Ano meaning nito? Ewan ko... Basta ginawa ko lang sya nung na visit ko friendster account mo... Ingat... D ka kase reply sa txt kaya I decided to drop this thing... hehehe... God bless Pao...

This is the poem I wrote specially for Pao because it seems that she has forgotten me. So I dropped this poem to her friendster account and alas she texted me after reading it. She even replied. Sometimes it's really nice to be more creative to get more attention. Bwahahaha.

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