Friday, August 06, 2004


I have been with a new company right now and so it follows that I am with a new crowd. Unlike the people from previous employer that I have had, the people here are so young and yet they have a lot of things going on in their lives that is so complicated that I can't even begin to describe it in words. I am completely blown away (shock even) with what they've been through (and still going through up to this moment). But I really appreciate their open mindedness and honesty. If you ask them a thing or two they would gladly answer you -straight forward and direct to the point. Maybe it is because of the environment or the nature of the job that they have. It molds them to be who they are right now. And you know what, I begin to like them all now. Nakakapick-up na nga ako sa mga latest na chismis eh. Hehehe.

I just hope that they will be able to face their problems and be able to rise again if they fail.

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