Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Officemates & me...

Here are some pics of my officemates...

This is taken inside the MRT, north bound.
From left: Hill, Jason, Nhat, & Ymon (girl in black not included).

This is taken at our office at the Insular Building, Paseo de Roxas, Ayala Ave., Makati.
From left: Benj, Reg, Sarah, Nhat, TL Trich, & E-mye.

Hehehe taken at the office too.
From left: Jeff, Pao, & Me.

Pretty girls...
From left: E-mye, Japs, Sarah & Nhat.

Sample pic... for the add...
Me & Reg.

Ganda ano?!

Taken at Nhat's place during our review for our final exam.

Taken at Nhat's place during our review too.
Me & Pao.

Taken yesterday... Pasado kami lahat... That's why she's so happy.

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