Monday, January 19, 2009

Mr. CHOCO LOVAH Photo Contest

Hey I just want to repost this blog entry from my friend and fellow komike Jonas Diego. It's a photo contest and you might be interrested. Here goes his blog entry:

--->oo00OO( ^ _ ^ )OO00oo<---

After these guys had their time at the spotlight, it's time for the
rest of you men to show the world what you got!

Gentlemen, I give you the AXE Mr. Choco Lovah Photo Contest!

Click here to register and join!

What do you have to do and who do you have to kill? It's much simpler than that!

Shoot your best photo exhibiting that you are as irresistible as chocolate
with Axe Dark Temptation, register at the AXE website, and upload away!

Better than chocolate? You bet your sweet bippy!

What's at stake? A trip for two (2) to Vegas, baby!

That's right. You and a friend (wink-wink, nudge-nudge) will be provided with
airfare, accommodations, and allowance. Just think of the possibilities!

So get your camera and some ladies, strike a pose, spray yourself silly with AXE
Dark Temptation and get busy! Click here to join the Choco Lovah Photo Contest.

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