Tuesday, April 22, 2008

How About Me

Help me get rid of this hate boiling deep down inside of me. It's consumingme faster than paper under fire. I've been keeping it all for eternity but I can almost feel myself errupting any moment now. Things has gone from bad to worst. I'm facing it like a knight without sword. How can I overcome it when I'm completely not in control. What I can do is pretend everythings fine. But it's not and never will be. I've been hurt and still hurting, all the time. Been betrayed by people that matter most to me. Does anyone even care what I think, or what I feel? I think not, even a little.

I'm not a child anymore so there's no reason for me to get emo but there is only this much that I can take. Never enough. Whatever I do is never really enough.

No one's perfect so everyone makes mistakes. Explaining oneself is never trying to excuse myself from commiting that mistake. But if you only listen you'll know why it happened and maybe undestand but never did. Not in a moment. How come people try to find fault in me when they did something wrong. Are they trying to deviate the real issue so they could hide from it? Then why me. Just accept the fact that we all make mistakes.


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