Tuesday, February 26, 2008


After office I went directly to the gym then after 20 minutes on the thread mill I suddenly lost interest in working out. Maybe due to the very long day at the office and lack of sleep the night before. So I decided to eat two slices of chicken barbe-que, some fried noodles, half a cup of rice. Then I head home.

Since there's nothing much to do I decide to try my "do-it-yourself" soft box. I bought a flood light and put it inside a box and cover one end with tracing paper to soften the light that comes out of the flood light. And I think the output is ok. My skin seemed smoother and kind of flawless. Iba talaga pala ang nagagawa ng ilaw sa photo ano? No need to use clone and healing tools so I had more time concentrating on the kind of output I want to achieve ang worry less on blemishes.

Hehehe what do you think? Oks ba ang ilaw ko?

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