Saturday, January 12, 2008

Christmas Carol

Last December 20, 2007, a group of children came by our office to sing us Christmas songs. I didn't pay much attention to them because having children sing Christmas songs are not unusual and in fact you see them almost anywhere. But when one of my office-mates told me that those children are deaf and they came from a special school, I was intrigue as to how are they going to sing Christmas songs in a group. Then when they start to sing, my heart almost melt. I just can't describe the feeling hearing them sing and watching them dance. I was moved. There's nothing special about the song or how they sing it but there is something that I find so hard to pin-point what about their performance that really hit me. Then I realize I see hope and strong will in them. It was one of the best and most touching sight I've ever seen. Christmas spirit was totally felt that time.

Just look how happy and lively they were as they sang a couple of Christmas songs.

Here are some photos of them after their performance. I felt that I am so blessed that I have all my senses complete and yet most of us just ignore and forget that fact. While those children are doing their best to go on live like a normal person and forget that they are in fact deaf. Another lesson was learned that day.

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