Thursday, November 09, 2006

I Got A Rocket!!!

I am one of the clean-up and in-between artist for this show. Wow I am so proud of it!!!

Here's the official I Got a Rocket website:

Here are the list of Characters: The Characters

Here's what the show's about:

It's July. The hottest month on record and in the inner-city, where eleven year old Vincent Q lives, it's so hot, the pavement is smoking! July should be Vinnie's favourite month, as along with his gang of pals, Vinnie celebrates his birthday! (that's why they're known as the July Gang) But this year peace-loving Rainbow, crazy Ritter, wannabe actor Barlow and country bumpkin Gabby are dreading it. See, they've got a problem. Two words: NEW ... NEIGHBOURS. Three more words: THE ... DUCKY ... BOYS!

You've no doubt heard of the Ducky Boys. Scuds, Rags and Biffo. Even their names sound mean! They've just moved to Vinnie's block. Now thanks to Vinnie's big mouth, the Ducky Boys have their sights set on tormenting the July Gang. And Vinnie can't run to his big sister Crystal for help. Vinnie's life seems over. That is, until on Vinnie's birthday, his scientist Dad gave him something way cool. Very cool in fact. For his birthday, Vincent Q ... GOT A ROCKET!

Packed full of artificial intelligence, Rocket is not only the ultimate-space-transport-for one. He's Vinnie's new best friend, big brother and guardian ... all rolled into one big hunk of tin! Plus, having been created in July he's a fully-fledged July Gang member! But with a pal like Rocket comes responsibility. He may be hi-tech but when it comes to human problems, desires or wishes...he's no genius. Rocket could be the solution to all Vinnie's problems - or so he thinks. The Ducky Boys aren't afraid. Far from it! They want Rocket for themselves!

Based on the popular picture book, seen above, by Matt Zurbo and Dean Gorissen, 'I Got a Rocket!' the animated series is a fresh and fun series about Vinnie and his gang of friends, the July Gang, who's latest recruit just happens to be a fully-functioning Rocket with Artificial Intelligence - although there's some debate on just how intelligent he is!

To Vinnie, his Dad and the July Gang, Rocket is another kid - although of course his 'rocket-ness' does mean he's very different. He's the only kid in class who gets his own rocket fuel truck at lunchtime for starters. While he may be super-fast, he's not super-punctual - which drives Dad nuts. Rocket may be a Rocket, but he goes through many of the trials and tribulations that Vinnie goes through, from school to Ducky Boys. Although when Rocket gets a crush, it's on a fridge....lookout!

Set in a colourful but gritty urban environment, 'I Got a Rocket' features colourful characters that reflect the melting-pot of the city. Episodes mix kid relatable stories about Vinnie and July Gang's lives, from school troubles to sibling rivalry with Crystal who's not happy when Vinnie's life crosses roads with hers! All with a ROCKET twist. Then of course there's the constant threat of the Ducky Boys. Vinnie may have thought Rocket could be the solution to his problems but while he loves having Rocket around, he sure does complicate things!

It's a tough life being a kid - even tougher when your best pal is a Rocket!

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