Sunday, May 21, 2006

Entry Level To Animation

It's been 3 months since I started training as a clean-up/In-between artist and I'm having a lot of fun with it. After the training a month ago I'm dying to start to put into action what I've learned during the training. When I finally started I'm so thrilled and I told myself that this would finally be the first step in fulfilling my childhood dream into reality - becoming a comic artist or animator. I just want to draw and want to share it to all. It's not that far anymore.

During the first week I've realized how hard the field that I'm trying to be a part of. How every minute counts. How you spend your time and effort will surely be felt when you finally receive how much you earned. You will truly value every Peso that you receive during the week ends when you finally take hold of your pay. How you avoid your favorite food and comic book just to have something to buy for your basic necessities. And how you come to realized how you are able to give respect to the people who've been working in the said field for the very long time. It's not that easy.

Despite all the hardship I still enjoyed it. I'm happy just to sit there w/ my pencil and pen drawing all day. I am able to smile from the "out-of-the-blue" side comments of my peers and how we all felt the same with our chosen field. And how we became "very" nervous when "Lizzie" passes by carrying lots of folders to be "fixed-up" by artists who made errors in there drawings. And the endless chats that we exchange when the day ends during our long walk from our office to the Crossing where we part ways. But happiness is not enough to live life, we still need to eat and pay our obligations.

A lot of us in the studio are just starting out and we do our best and exert our efforts to be able to draw as much as we can in a day to receive a much higher pay when the week ends. I'm not complaining though, I'm just merely sharing my experiences in case you get me wrong. In fact, since I started working, this is the only job that I get so excited to go to work. The thing that I look forward to. I've never been so happy but it's difficult and I'm trying "hard" to cope up.

People say that you really can't have it all or it's hard to have it all. You get high pay but you're not happy. You're happy yet you become hungry. Even if that I'm happy being there in the industry but when I look at how much money I left in my savings, I think twice. It's hard to let go of your dreams in exchange of better living. Truly I sacrifice all my high paying jobs to follow the path to my dream. With so much more in stake how am I going to last. Will I ever get there in the end or choose another path that would somehow help me survive and be able to help my family have a better life. Only time will unfold the outcome.

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