Monday, July 26, 2004

Through the fire

I almost died yesterday. I was taking a nap and I was awaken by a familiar smell - burnt plastic. When I realized that it wasn't a dream I hurriedly stood up and search for the source of that smell. I saw our plug already in flames. Appartly, while I was taking a nap, drops of water from the holes of the ceiling reached the plug and shorted the two wires. It generated sparks and reached the plastic covering the wires. Hence, the fire was created. The good thing is I didn't panick, instead I hurriedly asked my neighbor where the main switch is located and told them about the situation. The responded by turning the main switch off and cutting the wires that directly connects the plug (source of the fire) to the main switch. Alas, the fire stopped spreading. My life was saved and so were my neighbors.

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