Monday, July 27, 2009

Nostalgia And Facebook

I didn't realize how much I miss one of the best chapter of me that is the "first year college" until old photos brings back the best memories of the past. Thanks to Facebook.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Me In Business Mirror (The Girls of the Hour, the Clothes of the Moment)

Written by C. Mendez Legaspi
Photographed by Henry Anima II
Makeup by Nanan Villalba
Hair by George Delfin
Styling by Uma Dumaluan

Me In Manila Bulletin (PARALLEL PROGRESSION: Lifestyle Section, Manila Bulletin July 3, 2009)

Photography: Henry Anima II (

Styling: Pol Tapia (

Hair & Make-Up: Adrian P. Adraincem

Clothes: JR Almancha, J4 Juano, Odelon Simpao, Karen Marinas, Daryl Maat, MOGAO, Estrellas Manila

Accessories: Estrellas Manila

Model: Avonlea & Avery Paraiso of Julius Uy

Location: Elorde Boxing Gym Manila