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Philippine Fashion Week Spring Summer 2009

The photos I took from the recently concluded Philippine Fashion Week Spring Summer 2009 are now available. To inquire on how to acquire photos from me just PM me or send me an SMS.


Henry G. ANima II

Me In Business Mirror (The Romantic, The Technician And The Modernist)

Another set of photos I took grace today's (10/29/2008) edition of business mirror. These photos were taken during the final runway of the last three remaining contestants of Project Runway Philippines season 1 last October 23, 2008 at the Philippine Fashion Week Spring Summer '09. The article is entitled "The Romantic, The Technician And The Modernist" by C. Mendez Legaspi. Thanks Charles.

Who do you think will win? Is it Ariel, Philipp, or Veejay?

Below is the complete article (click here for the web version):

The Romantic, The Technician And The Modernist

By C. Mendez Legaspi

THOUGH not aired on the two biggest networks in the land, the runaway television hit of the season is Project Runway Philippines (PRP) on ETC/SBN 21. Well, at least among fashionistas and similar crowds. A Filipinized adaptation of the Peabody Award-winning show, PRP had Teresa Herrera, Rajo Laurel, Apples Aberin-Sadhwani and Jojie Lloren as our approximations of, respectively, Heidi Klum, Michael Kors, Nina Garcia and Tim Gunn.

Unlike the vapid The Philippines Next Top Model, also produced by Solar Entertainment, Runway has all the ingredients that made the original a compelling television treat: smart editing, melodramas, minibreakdowns and genuine skill. Though I may not agree with the oft-times not-so-judicious choice of guest judges, the put-on cattiness of certain contestants, and the lame attempts at colegiala accents, the show is a certified hit that a second season is already in the works.

From 14 designers from around the country, the show whittled down the contestants to a final three representing the major geographical points: Veejay Floresca, 23, of Luzon (Makati), Philipp Tampus, 36, of the Visayas (Lapu-Lapu), and Aries Lagat, 25, of Mindanao (Iligan City). The final runway show was held recently at the SMX Convention Center as part of the ongoing Philippine Fashion Week, where each of the three showed a 13-piece collection to a jam-packed venue. The final runway judges included Cesar Gaupo and Rafe Totengco.

Tampus showcased his romantic streak with a beautiful collection dominated by his deft manipulation of crochet and lace. This was an offshoot of his piece from the Wedding Challenge (Episode 6). Lagat brandished his mastery of tailoring with his “More Than a Woman” line of precise, well-constructed, stupendous clothes. That was a progression from his 2006 Mega Young Designers Competition entry of technically superior work.

Floresca, in a sharp departure from his acclaimed aesthetic as a glamourpuss (remember his View cover with Kristine Hermosa?), presented “practical clothes for the modern woman.” In satin, chiffon and charmeuse, the excitable designer’s “Her Life After Tomorrow” collection is his wardrobe vision for the woman after the global crisis is over. Much like how Dior clothed women after the Second World War, Floresca’s new austerity is one of “subdued elegance.”

“The clothes look simple from afar but upclose, one can see that they were constructed in a different way, with some degree of difficulty,” Floresca explained. “I wanted the clothes to have a global outlook because this is a reality show that’s also seen abroad via YouTube.” The show is such a hit among Pinoys that a countryman, Jasper Gavinda, won London’s version Project Catwalk Season 3, and Mark Antonio is one of the designers on Project Runway Australia.

It was a risk that Floresca, characteristically, was all too willing to take. “I wanted to show my range as a designer. This will prove my versatility that I can do avant-garde and couture. With my final collection, I showed something wearable and something commercial. It is not easy to do something simple and subdued.”

Each finalist was allotted three months and were given a six-figure budget to make their collections. “I knew Philipp’s strength is couture and Aries will do avant-garde, and since the challenge that I won was about retail [Cinderella RTW Challenge, Episode 9], I opted to go in that direction,” Floresca related.

The divine feud of Project Runway Philippines was between Floresca (almost timid) and De La Salle College of St. Benilde drawing professor Eli Gonzales (ranting and raving). Was the feud real? “Oo. Inaaway niya ako eh,” Floresca admitted. But it was the combative Gonzales whom the fans voted as their favorite.

Are you encouraging your friends to join the second season? “I can only say to them, ‘Good luck.’ With a smile.”

The most intriguing figure on the show, however, was Jaz Cerezo, 25, of Dagupan City, an advertising graduate of FEU. I caught up with the contestant, whose marked advantage was her refined taste and sophisticated aesthetic, outside the SMX hanging out with her friends after the Renée Salud show.

Were you portrayed fairly on Project Runway? “Yes. There wasn’t anything that was not me,” Cerezo said, sweetly. What’s her next career move? “Dagupan’s fashion scene is not as vibrant as Manila’s, so I will be setting up shop here. I will be staying with some friends and, as soon as my finances are OK, I will tansfer my business here.”

Now that she has attracted a modicum of fame, will she be charging a higher rate for her highly coveted occasion dresses? The modelesque designer gave a wide smile: “Not really. The price range for my clothes will be competitive and on a par with other young designers here.”

As we said our goodbyes, the theme from The Crying Game curiously filled the air.

The winning designer will be revealed in a two-part season finale of Project Runway Philippines, which will be aired on ETC on November 5 and 12.

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Me In Business Mirror (You Must Love Me)

My photos grace today's edition of Business Mirror. You can find it at the Life section of the newspaper and was entitled "You Must Love Me" by the fab C. Mendez Legaspi. It was taken on the 25th Anniversary of Sir Frederick Peralta and was part of the Philippine Fashion Week Spring Summer 2009.

Below is the article (click a href=>here

for the online version):

You Must Love Me

by C. Mendez Legaspi

Frederick Peralta, who has been making unforgettable bridal wear since the 1980s, has devoted himself—possibly more than any other fashion designer working today—to the tender notion that love should be steadfast, unbending and unconditional. This belief was evident in all its splendor when he showed a 50-piece wedding collection at the ongoing Philippine Fashion Week, illustrating his love for his craft, dedication to his brides and grooms and fidelity to his family.

Peralta’s 25th anniversary gala, directed by Audie Espino, at the SMX Convention Center is the tour de force collection of the biggest Philippine Fashion Week, serving as the highlight of the biggest edition yet of Runway Productions and CalCarrie’s International’s weeklong celebration of the country’s deep fashion creative pool.

“I am so proud of this show,” the placid designer said a day after his fantastic showcase. Still misty eyed with the overwhelming reception he got from an adoring crowd, that included his brides for the coming months, Peralta related how even during the fittings his models couldn’t contain their excitement in wearing his creations. After all, to wear a Frederick Peralta is a badge of honor in itself.

A darling of the press as well of celebrities, a Peralta show wouldn’t be complete without the participation of some famous faces. Though both childless after years of marital bliss, a stunning Assunta de Rossi and a tense Agot Isidro still looked as radiant as new bride Joyce Jimenez. Young mom Valerie Concepcion and hopelessly in love Mariel Rodriguez also donned wedding ensembles.

“I asked them if they can be part of my 25th anniversary show and they readily said yes,” Peralta said of his name-droppable friends. Hayden Kho, with lady love Vicky Belo in the audience, led the dashing pack of grooms in cashmere, taffeta silk and brocade. Never one to keep his brides unadorned, Peralta accented each ensemble with gorgeous jewelry by Gery Sunga, bouquets by Ted Manuel, shoes by Ben Santos, and hair and makeup by Jingky Ilusorio, Koala and Rudy Adriatico.

To make his gala more memorable, Peralta created 50 looks worn by 50 models (no changes!), and for 23 kids as flower girls (with FJ, his seamstress’s daughter, stealing the show with her cute antics) and ring bearers. Like his flamboyant outfits, Peralta hardly pulled any punches for this production, and you can expect the multiawarded designer to mount another extraordinary show in the not-too-distant future.

Was it all worth it? “Yes,” the designer said without missing a beat. “Nowadays, a bridal show is the most practical thing to do because the return on investments is immediate.” In fact, the gown worn by Charo Ronquillo, an organza wonder embroidered with rosettes that took three weeks to finish, and Assunta de Rossi’s off-white and gold gown with caviar beadwork, are already spoken for.

In an embellished bouffant tulle, Gilmarie Pacamara gave the show a rousing start. Returning über model Manette Mercado glided in a texturized and pleated duchesse satin gown with glittered tulle cape. Binibining Pilipinas Jennifer Barrientos looked lovely in soft duchesse satin serpentine, Charisse Ocrisma was exquisite in a panel A-line slit gown with cenepa embroidery, Liezl Verses was divine in a gown of circular cutouts and embossed flowerettes.

With her beauty, stature and style, a Peralta bride is a woman who knows her mind and is unselfish and supportive of her partner’s pursuit of success and happiness. These are the same traits that have sustained the gifted and giving designer’s remarkable career. Here’s hoping that he will continue to weave his own brand of drama, imagination and enhancement.

Me In FilAmStar (Ooohhh La La ..... Parties Manila)

My photos grace the pages of FilAmStar on the October 16-31, 2008 Vol. 1 Issue 20. The article entitled "Ooohhh La La ..... Parties Manila" was written by sir Ernest Gonzaga. The photos I took are the from Women's Today Asia Fashion Show and Technomarine Launch. Many thanks Sir Ernest. Also in this issue is the photo by Ibarra Siapno who is also from Images Asia.

Below is the article:

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Me In Business Mirror (The 'C' Word)

My photos grace today's (10/06/2008) edition of Business Mirror. It is on the "Life" section in the article "The 'C' Word" by C. Mendez Legaspi.

I was invited by Sir Ernest Gonzaga to photographed the fashion show presented by Women's Today. It was also the first time we met. It was an honor meeting him and he was easy to talk with. I'm looking forward to meet Sir Ernest again. Thanks you Sir Ernest.

The fashion designers who participated the fashion show are Fanny Serano, Danilo Franco, Edwin Uy, Eddie Badeo, Barge Ramos, Arielle Agasang, and Oskar Peralta. Oskar Peralta was introduced to me by Sir Ernest while Eddie Badeo was introduced to me by C. Mendez Legaspi. It was really nice meeting them all.

Below is the article (click here for the link):


A breast-cancer survivor wears the passionate supporter’s elegant confection. OSKAR PERALTA(right) Precious Lara Quigaman in a silver and pink strapless gown with floral accents.

By C. Mendez Legaspi

‘I AM doing fantastic! I am great! I’m clear. Absolutely 100-percent clear and clean. It did not spread. They got everything out, so I’m definitely not going to die from breast cancer.” We can only wish that any woman suffering from such a dreaded disease be as fortunate as Christina Applegate, the Samantha Who? star who was declared cancer-free after a double mastectomy.

The situation is especially heartbreaking for the Philippines. Mostly indigent women comprise 70 percent of those with breast cancer, the highest incidence of the disease in Asia alongside Pakistan.

In May Sen. Pia Cayetano, chairman of the health committee, said: “More women are manifesting the disease at an early age, from their 30s to 40s. Generally, the disease is still diagnosed late in its course, hence the survival rate of breast cancer in the Philippines is below 50 percent.”


In the US, where about 250,000 women below 40 are breast-cancer survivors, early detection is still key. Applegate, 36, started Right Action for Women, which aids women who otherwise cannot afford tests such as the breast magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan that saved the star’s life. Survivor Sheryl Crow, 45, supports Feel Your Boobies, a foundation started by young breast-cancer survivor Leigh Hurst in the hopes of getting women talking and self-checking.

Elizabeth Hurley, 42, is carrying the flag for the Estee Lauder Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign. The proceeds from the beauty label’s Pink Ribbon Collection will raise money for The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Meanwhile, the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade has a strong voice in 21-year-old The Hills starlet Lauren Conrad.


Ria Bolivar in fuchsia asymmetric neckline gown with leather cummerbund.

Hereabouts, being uneducated, unaware and uninformed about breast cancer will certainly lead to death. Woman Today Asia magazine celebrated its silver anniversary via a lively show of fashion, music and discussions to create mass awareness with regard to the disease. In one segment, publisher Monica Aveo and editor in chief Marita Nuque invited noted fashion designers to showcase pocket collections featuring pink, the color of the breast-cancer awareness campaign.

Catwalk divas and beauty queens shared the stage with real women who are cancer survivors wearing couture creations, from Fanny Serrano, Danilo Franco, Edwin Uy, Eddie Baddeo, Barge Ramos, Arielle Agasang and Oskar Peralta.

When the survivors took the stage, in sure steps and with evident pride on their faces, the audience heartily applauded them, blessed in the knowledge that a disease as devastating as breast cancer can be conquered with grace and determination.

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